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  • Feeling I can’t describe 

    Feeling I can’t describe 

    I just love how you make me feel inside  It’s a feeling I can’t describe  Maybe when we get old we’ll know what we felt on those nights  But I won’t lie, I fell for you from the first sight  When I saw you with those pretty eyes  I just can’t deny you make me…

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  • Needs


    I’ve been thinking about my needs Especially the ones I don’t feed Is it worth to risk another human being? To get all the things that I need There are times that I don’t really mean Even though it doesn’t really seem but …. Scream Till I grow up as a man who cannot defeat 

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  • Different


    I know everyone has different intentions  But when it comes to life I feel kinda different Maybe for a while I thought it was something incredible Whether it’s love or lust, Does it make any difference? When we were young, We think life as a miracle  But as we grow old we know it’s just ordinary and typical When I…

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  • It’s Everywhere

    It’s Everywhere

    Like eye’s, Lies won’t be fade away You can’t hide them away, It’s everywhere But you can bury truth in a grave Cuz dead won’t give a fuck about another day

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  • Another Day

    Another Day

    Sad Edition Well, Well, Well… Another day has began It ain’t something I couldn’t wait Probably half of you are dead…who cares, as long as we get paid Does it break your heart? knowing you gonna end up dead Someone’ll be born to bury you in a good grave Your mate’s will say you’ll be remember, don’t…

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  • If you like the LYRICS, You will like the SONG too

    If you like the LYRICS, You will like the SONG too

    Few months a ago I wrote a song which tells a story about a couple who been married for some years, but as times goes things take a fall and the guy understand his wife is not who she used to be and he found out she been cheating on him , So he decided…

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