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If you like the LYRICS, You will like the SONG too

Few months a ago I wrote a song which tells a story about a couple who been married for some years, but as times goes things take a fall and the guy understand his wife is not who she used to be and he found out she been cheating on him , So he decided to leave her with a letter of his feeling and in this song I represent what he had wrote in that letter. I have also attach the song link in the below if you ever wanted to give a listen, I made the video using picky blinders clips, Hope you will enjoy it!

Why Are Your Eyes So Dark When You Smile?
You Have Nice Cheeks Hope You Don’t Die
Make Sure You’re Gonna Smile Every Time
You Have To Cry I’ll Be Gone For Sometimes
Even Though We Never Had A Child
You Been So Good To ME, It was Rough Time
Even Word Not Even One Word
But I Always Knew You Been Good With Other Boys
Like You

Like You Should… (x2)

Tell Me Girl, Tell Me, Your Lies Are Pretty
Tell Me Lies Tell Me You Been Busy
I Know You Fucked Mr.Britney
Who Lived Across The City
Don’t You Know I’m A Man With Good Memory
Still Remember How You Kissed Me
10 Year’s Ago We Were YOUNG & SO CATCHY
How The Fuck We Get So Messy

Like You Should… Like You Should(x5)

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