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  • Feeling I can’t describe 

    Feeling I can’t describe 

    I just love how you make me feel inside  It’s a feeling I can’t describe  Maybe when we get old we’ll know what we felt on those nights  But I won’t lie, I fell for you from the first sight  When I saw you with those pretty eyes  I just can’t deny you make me…

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  • Needs


    I’ve been thinking about my needs Especially the ones I don’t feed Is it worth to risk another human being? To get all the things that I need There are times that I don’t really mean Even though it doesn’t really seem but …. Scream Till I grow up as a man who cannot defeat 

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  • Different


    I know everyone has different intentions  But when it comes to life I feel kinda different Maybe for a while I thought it was something incredible Whether it’s love or lust, Does it make any difference? When we were young, We think life as a miracle  But as we grow old we know it’s just ordinary and typical When I…

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  • It’s Everywhere

    It’s Everywhere

    Like eye’s, Lies won’t be fade away You can’t hide them away, It’s everywhere But you can bury truth in a grave Cuz dead won’t give a fuck about another day

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